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The Three "R's" of the Egoscue Method:

Rediscover the body's design
Restore function
Return to health
- Pete Egoscue



About Us

Rich Buckman is the owner of Sound Posture in Seattle, WA. In his spare time, Rich runs, cycles, rides horses and loves to hike in the great Northwest mountains.  His extensive background in physical training gives him a very indepth knowledge of the human body and how it works. Additionally he has an intimate knowledge of the aches, pains and tweaks that can happen to any body. Egoscue is an increasingly popular method of therapeutic exercise to relieve chronic pain and restore function.  Rich is a Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS), trained and certified by the Egoscue University and has worked with members of the Seattle Sounders Womens soccer, Auburn Tigers Football and the Seattle Symphony.