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The Three "R's" of the Egoscue Method:

Rediscover the body's design
Restore function
Return to health
- Pete Egoscue





Sound Posture will help you reach a pain-free life, restoring the functional, dynamic body you were born with. Rich is certified in The Egoscue Method of postural realignment and musculoskeletal reeducation will bring relief from chronic pain that has been hampering your life. Postural therapy has surprising health benefits. Your suffering is optional.

Athletes, improve your speed, power, reaction time and flexibility. Shorten recovery time between training sessions or after injury. Prevent injuries by analyzing and correcting dysfunctional posture and movement.


Let's Talk Egoscue


The Egoscue Method: This simple concept of solving chronic pain issues with proper postural alignment was developed by Pete Egoscue.  He has a become a world leader in non-medical pain relief.  He's helped famous sport figures like Jack Nicklaus.  Pete discovered that we all have one thing in common:  the body's ability to heal itself and be pain free.  It does not involve pharmaceuticals, surgeons or elaborate physical therapy. It's about being educated to the amazing design of the human body and why we hurt like we do.


It's about you and your posture and identifying the root cause of your joint and muscle pain.  This method also helps deal with other posture issues that may not appear to be causing you pain, but will be the catalyst for compensation, leading to dysfunction and future pain.  


I'm not gonna lie, it involves work, a willingness to change your habits, AND, depending on how advanced your situation is at the time you begin the journey to good postural health, it will take time to unravel it all.  The Egoscue Method conquers chronic pain only because those who are suffering are empowered with the means to heal themselves. Most people suffer for quite some time before they finally decide to do something about it. So keep in mind that it took time for your body to get into its current state, so it should be reasonable that it will take some time to retrain your body.  Postural therapy is a process, not a quick fix. Having said that, you will feel immediate physical relief on your very first visit!


Your First Visit:  When you first walk in, you may ask yourself where are the tables, equipment and gadgets you would normally see when you go to a health practitioner. The 'equipment' we use are things you'll find around your home. We do have a couple of gadgets that may or may not be needed, but for the most part, you already have things around your house that works just fine. The first visit and eval will take about two hours and follow ups are about an hour each. This is not engraved in stone and will vary with each individual. You are not on a time crunch with me, we will take as long as you need.


Look at this example to the left.  This is a common BEFORE picture of someone at their initial visit.  We won't x-ray you... we'll just ask you to comfortably stand against the wall and then take some digital pics of you from various angles. We have this specialized program designed by Pete Egoscue that we'll use to determine your structural integrity.  Things we look for:


  • Are you slouching forward?
  • Are your shoulders aligned or is one side lower than the other?
  • Are your hips aligned?
  • Are your knees facing forward or twisting in one direction or another?
  • Is each foot straight forward or turned out?


After we've established these basics, we will custom design a program for you to take home and do with full pictures and descriptions of each posture or "ecise" you will be doing. 


    What's Next? After we've identified the issue(s) you have, we'll print out a customized list of exercises, or in Egoscue vernacular: "E-cises." Then we'll walk you through your first program by having you do each of these Ecises to make sure you understand how to do them. It is critical to follow them in exact order as they are listed. The printout provides pictures and details about how to do each exercise, how often and how long you'll need to do them. Typically you'll spend at least a week doing these Ecises, perhaps longer, depending on your condition.  We will be available to answer all your questions, by coming to the office, or e-mail, or even Skype to continue to insure your success. Why does it take so much time? Simple. It took years, sometimes decades for your body to get to the level of pain and dysfunction you feel when you are finely tired of the chronic pain. It will take some time, not years, but a bit of time, to correct the problems and bring you back to pain free living.  


    One of the most exciting things about this method of dealing with your pain is that it doesn't require any drug therapies or surgery.  That's because you are focusing on the real reason for your pain and healing that.  The only thing you need to think about in terms of investment is committing the time to get you back to a fully functional musculoskeletal system.


    Good Posture.  As you can see by the skeleton on the left, this is what correct posture looks like.  This can be you!

    A word of caution:  you may get immediate relief from your pain symptom and be tempted to stop your program.  If you do, your pain symptom will very likely return because you haven't done enough to correct the root cause of your pain.  It takes time to get your body to remember how it is supposed to function properly.  It takes time for you to retrain those muscles to stop compensating and do the job they were designed for.


    More About Pain. Chronic musculoskeletal pain is a form of high priority communication. Something is happening that ought not to be. What is not happening is adequate motion.  Our bodies were not designed for the sedentary lifestyle most of us have adopted.  Click here to review more thoughts about chronic pain and how you create it and we fix it.


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